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Dee Dee and her twin brother Stuart were born on the 24th September 1946 to a Commander in the Royal Navy and his Italian wife, Liliana. She spent her first years with her family in Africa. At ten years old, Dee Dee was sent to England to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer. The next seven years were spent at Elmhurst ballet school. However, Dee Dee‘s preference was for modern dance rather than ballet.


In 1966 Dee Dee co-founded the dance group Pan’s People, resident dancers on the higly popular TV show Top Of The Pops.  Over the next ten years, due to their weekly appearances on the show the girls became a household name and worked with some iconic artists, The Who, David Bowie, Mark Bolan, Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five which included a young Michael Jackson, Cilla Black, Lulu and many other 

great names.

After Pan’s Dee Dee moved to choreography and spent successful years working with Benny Hill on his iconic TV shows. 


In 1975 she co-founded The Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Charity for autistic and handicapped children.This is now the largest Rock charity in the world.


1981 brought a new direction in Dee Dee’s career, for along with her first husband Andrew Corbet Burcher she co-produced two West End shows, ‘The Mad Show’ and ‘Le Cirque Imaginaire’, the latter featured Jean Babtiste Thierree and his wife Victoria Chaplin, daughter of Charlie Chaplin.


Around the begininig of the 80’s Dee Dee formed Dance Attic Studios, now still flourishing in Fulham, London. Many West End productions, dancers and performers have used the rehearsal/ theatre facilities there. One of the strangest acts to pass through the studios was an organised ‘Fire Walk’ (walking on hot coals) devised by Dee Dee’s brother Stuart, a reknowned new age author. The Fire Walk was performed in the car park of the premises and Dee Dee just had to have a go! 


During the 90‘s one of the highlights of Dee Dee’s career was dancing the part of ‘Erda’ at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Her role was especially devised by Richard Jones the director of Wagner’s 'The Ring Cycle’. Dee Dee set a precedent by being the first person to dance the role rather than sing it!


Now Dee Dee lives in Wiltshire with her second husband Henry Marsh, a composer.

She still dances and teaches throughout the West Country. Dee Dee also does talks and has choreographed a 70’s style act which she performs with her team who she has personally trained.


She has two children from her first marriage, Alex an actor and Poppy an events organiser. They also run The Dance Attic.


One last thing - Dee Dee’s mantra has always been ‘ It’s Never Too Late To Dance’.


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